How it works

The Carrousel ring allows the towing hook or winch to rotate freely without limitations.
In addition, towing operations can be freely changed from bow to stern use or vice versa.
The Carrousel is based on the same principle as a radial hook, but now extended to the full ship's width.

This design offers more stability and an increase in hydrodynamic forces to alleviate the risk of capsizing. Due to the generous safety margin in the stability range, capsizing due to towline force is statistically no longer feasible for a Carrousel Tug.
With the stability feature, the Carrousel can be placed right above the centre of the lateral resistance to maximize the towline forces and minimize the need for steering propulsion on the tug.
The Carrousel can be applied to any tug design to offer Improvement in operational performance, safety and longer vessel life.


The carrousel ring - allowing the hull to rotate free from the towing wire - carries the attachment point. This means that towing can be done through a wide angle.



Because the attachment point has been moved from the central point on the ship to the far side of the ship, it is virtually impossible for the tug to be capsized by the towing force in a braking manoeuvre.



Cornering easily because of the higher dynamic forces that have become possible.


Turning 360

The hull can rotate 360 against a fitted towing wire. This creates a flexibility yet unknown and offers lots of opportunities for manoeuvres until now not possible.