Muller family shows first interest in Carrousel towing system

In 1999 the Dutch Muller family, the people behind the relatively small-sized (but highly experienced and respected) towage and salvage company Multraship, showed an interest in the design and, particularly, the Carrousel towing system that was part of it. The Mullers run a traditional family business with hands-on experience in towage and salvage for over 100 years. They saw and understood the potential of this innovation, not only for safer towage, but also for more versatile and efficient towing operations in general. The Mullers always thought that the solution for more effective and safer tugboats is not to fit additional horsepower, nor to fit more and/ or more complicated propulsion systems.

They have always been convinced real progress would not take place in the water, but above it. From their own in-depth knowledge and understanding of towage operations, the Mullers thus recognised the genuine potential of the Carrousel towing system to change the industry for the better. From the involvement of the Mullers onwards, the innovation was thus also driven ‘from the bottom up’. The Mullers by the way still believe that their own continued involvement in Novatug, particularly with their intricate knowledge of and experience in the (conservative) towage industry, continues to be important to realise the full potential of this innovation.