The CARROUSEL RAVE TUG significantly improves overall shipping and logistics industry performance. By providing enhanced control over large cargo ships. Novatug has a patent on nature. By placing the towing point on a freely rotating ring, the CARROUSEL RAVE TUG cannot capsize by towline force. This construction makes it possible to execute unique maneuvers that are not part of the age-old tricks of a conventional tugboat. They’re different, faster and safer. The tugboat captain benefits from a greatly enhanced freedom of movement. Using the mass of the adversary to win by taking control through fast and adept maneuvers. It’s not an innovation; it has been two decades in the making. The beginning of whole new era in towing.


The Carrousel towing system is as simple as it is effective. It consists of a towing point on a straightforward steel ring, freely rotating around the superstructure of the tug. That is why the CRT simply cannot capsize under a transverse line load. Combined with the Voith propulsion the CARROUSEL RAVE TUG can use its own hull to create lift for braking and steering. Providing enhanced control over assisted ships while they are moving. So, better steering and faster braking of large cargo vessels while hardly using any engine power – however big the cargo ships are.

Novatug have put thrust in nature. For more control of large cargo ships. For less risk for the assisted ship, its cargo and the port network. For more safety for tugboat crews. For saving fuel and harmful emissions. For less maintenance and repairs. And most-of-all, to get cargo ships in and out of ports quickly. If tug boats have more control, even the largest ships can continue to call at existing ports. The CARROUSEL RAVE TUG enhances control over large ships and extends the life and capabilities of existing infrastructure. It’s a game-changing harbour, terminal and escort tugboat.